Manager Benefits

Manager Benefits

As a sales manager your number one objective is to help your reps succeed. It is vital to equip them with the necessary tools to maximize their opportunities.

An effective and compelling ROI calculator will not only help your reps communicate the value of your offering, but more importantly help your prospects understand and quantify what you bring to the table.

If your contact can't clearly understand the value of your solution there's no chance they will ever move forward with your offering.

Our unique value selling tool will:

  • Reduce the no decision outcome by painting a more compelling picture
  • Give your reps an intuitive ROI tool they will want to use
  • Provide coaching opportunities to better explain your value proposition
  • Help qualify out bad opportunities early in the sales cycle
  • Implement or reinforce sales training techniques
  • Speed up the on boarding process for new hires

Guarantee Your Reps Spend Their Time Wisely

As a manager it is imperative to know that your reps are spending their time pursuing the right opportunities.

With our IP tracking capabilities your reps will be automatically notified anytime a prospect is reviewing the ROI analysis. This functionality is a great way to determine which accounts have a legitimate interest and which ones do not.